Do not take things for granted as a matter of course. But dissect each house in sections, carefully drawing to the roots. Learn to distinguish between beauty and curiosity

Frank Lloyd Wrighr

Architectural styles, construction techniques and materials may change over time, but the weather and climate have not changed over thousands of years. Therefore, modern architecture must be suitable with the weather and the natural landscape

Ken Yeang

When designing I use a lot of different methods and tools to develop a project such as hand drawing, computer or model, I will choose the most appropriate technique for each design stage but one thing I will definitely start with a hand sketching board

Tadao Ando

Ecology is in my opinion and my heart tells me that ecology is the starting and ending point of everything. That is the biggest source of ideas, the biggest source of creativity. People cannot create better than nature and nature is my greatest inspiration

Ken Yeang

PGK Architecture & Construction message

Since its establishment, Phu Gia Khang Construction and Design Joint stock company (PGK Architecture & Construction) has set its goal to become a leading enterprise in the field of interior decoration, design and construction. With this goal, we have continuously improved the quality of service to bring the most perfect living space to our customers. With the passion, enthusiasm and dedication of the entire team, PGK Architecture & Construction has been known by customers, trusted and chosen as a leading interior designer in Vietnam.

Dear valued customers, with each building, in addition to sustainable structure, reasonable capacity, interior designers play an important role in bringing living value to customers, who “blows souls” into the living space.

With a team of experienced architects, PGK Architecture & Construction always puts the subtle, intelligent use of the energy in each of your living spaces. Understanding the expectation of home owners, we bring our customers modern design style, luxury and express the level of the attitude of interior. Together with the passion, enthusiasm and dedication of the entire team, PGK Architecture & Construction proudly always convey the desired home style in every detail of the link.

The dream of the architect is the creation of an ideal space, where all the factors involved, interact with each other perfectly. PGK Architecture & Construction with the mission “creating a perfect living space”-is equal to all the effort and creativity that makes the ideal dream for the customer to come true.


PGK Architecture & Construction beautify the living space, improving the quality of life of the Vietnamese. Accompany with customers to create each M2 exquisite, the most reasonable for your home.


PGK Architecture & Construction is a reputable, professional interior design, advanced to become a group specializing in construction design, interior decoration management, leading in Vietnam.

Core value

  • Sustainable partnerships with partners: PGK Architecture & Construction celebrates that sustainable cooperation with customers and partners is the core for success. We always focus on building long-term partnerships, beneficial stakeholders, together to build innovative solutions that bring the highest efficiency to all parties.
  • PGK Architecture & Construction is constantly learning and finishing through the action and creativity taking business practices, the strong sustainable benefit of customers making male only action is the best way to PGK Architecture & Construction to progress up each day with the support and trust of customers Partner
  • Transparent environment, promotion and teamwork: Transparency in relationships with partners as well as in internal policies, create more opportunities to advance and promote team spirit that helps PGK Architecture & Construction attract good human resources , building the management team of leaders, architects, skilled painters, dedication to customers.